The Features Your Childcare Business Needs combines several platforms into one, all designed to make your customers' experiences better. Check out a few of our core capabilities:

Relationship Management

Enter the children in your care, family members, and any other important relationships, tracked all in one place.

Comprehensive Tracking tracks everything, including food, potty, announcements, alerts, sleep, and more.

Enhanced Communication

Families can receive real-time updates and daily summaries. They can control what they receive and how often.

Media Management

Industry-leading support for photos and videos. Effortlessly share the moments that matter.

Analytics and Reporting

Our advanced analytics show what's happening in your center and helps you run your business better.

Comprehensive Security

Our platform is secured by the most sophisticated protocols and procedures, ensuring security of your critical data.


We know every childcare business is different. That's why provides a highly-customizable set of capabilities geared towards a variety of needs.

Capture Photos and Videos accepts every photo and video format. We store the media on our cloud servers so it can be sent to appropriate family members.

Immediate Alerts

Sometimes you need to send alerts to all your families. Alerts can be sent via text message, email, and the app immediately.


Less urgent announcements are captured and sent as part of daily or weekly summaries.

Security And Permissions

Add all your staff. Permissions allow you to restrict who can access sensitive data.

Meal Planning

Set up menus days and weeks in advance, making data entry as easy as tapping to choose what was consumed.

Central Calendar

Events, meals, curriculum, announcements, and more all appear on a single calendar within the application. No more building separate calendars.

Customer Profile

Keep track of important profile information like birthdays, favorite activities, important restrictions, as well as unlimited custom fields.

Curriculum Planning

If you provide education services, our expanded curriculum planning allows you to schedule and track curriculum details alongside all your other activities.

Incident Tracking

Alerts enable providers to communicate urgent updates in a timely manner.

...and many more! is expanding all the time.

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