We’ve been busy! The innovation train keeps rolling with our latest round of updates to tend.ly. We’ve improved in-app navigation and have added two new features to make tagging people a breeze!

In-app Navigation

We’ve updated the navigation menu in the app for quicker and easier access to our most-used features. Now you can create Moments, get back to the Dashboard, and view People and Groups from anywhere in the app. Here’s how:

  • Top right menu. When you use tend.ly on your mobile device, you’ll see a plus sign in the top right corner. Tap that plus sign to quickly create any type of Moment. Our most-used Moments — Comment, Sleep, Food, and Potty — are featured, but you can create any Moment from the top right menu.
  • Bottom menu. When you’re in the tend.ly app on a mobile device, you’ll now have a navigation bar at the bottom of the app for quick navigation to the Home, People, and Groups pages. There’s also an icon for “More” — this is where you’ll find as all the other pages you know and love.



Suggested People

When you create a Moment of any type, you’ll see a list of “Suggested People.” These are the names of people checked in to your room.

When you go to tag someone in a Moment, you can either choose from the Suggested People list or use our new Search function. The Suggested People list pulls the names of the people checked in to your default group or classroom, so the first names you see are the people you’re caring for!


Our new Search function makes it incredibly easy to find someone to tag in a Moment. Simply start typing the name of the person or the group, and the name will come up — just like on Facebook and Instagram!


We would love to hear what you think of these new features. Please drop us an email or fire up a chat in the tend.ly app — we’re all ears!