Hi! I mean, hello!

I wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that we released a couple of new features this morning. Here’s a quick recap:

Moving Entire Groups – We’ve had quite a few requests for this one over the past few months. Admins & Staff can now quickly & easily move an entire Group to another Group. In short, you no longer have to move individuals one-by-one when you consolidate rooms or move everyone to a different room for craft time. How quick and easy is it? Well, allow me to tell you:

  1. As you’ve done in the past, go to the Profile of the Person you’d like to move to another Group and click “Move.”
  2. Using the dropdown, select the Group you’d like to move this Person (and all other checked-in individuals within that Group) to.
  3. Check the box next to “Move all checked-in people from current group to this group.”
  4. Tap or click “Switch Group.”

In-App Messaging
– As you’ve probably noticed, our Client Success team is laser-focused on keeping open channels of communication with all of our customers. In order to further this mission, we’ve added the ability to deliver messages to you inside of the app itself! Awesome, right? Well, it gets awesome-r. These messages are 2-way, meaning that you can message us back immediately with any questions or comments! Simply click the message icon in the lower right to open the message and, if you feel so inclined, to respond.

PS – If you’re an Admin or Staff member for an existing customer, I sent you this note inside the app so you can see, first hand, how it works. Feel free to shoot me a note back!

That’s all for now! As always, if you have any questions about these features (or, well, anything at all for that matter) or ideas for additional features that would make your lives easier, feel free to let me know!

Oh, and I was serious about that whole “Questions about anything at all” thing – The tend.ly team’s collective capacity for trivial information rivals that of Google. No joke. Test us!

Over & out!