Well, it’s officially summer and the tend.ly team decided that there was no better way to ring in the most glorious time of the year than with a few additional updates. Here’s a quick rundown:

Updated Time Picker – This one’s pretty self explanatory. We’ve changed how you update the time(s) in the moments you create. Here’s a screenshot:

Deactivate Users – We’ve also added a feature that allows you, as Admins, to deactivate users. Say, for instance, a child or loved one in your care (and their family!) moves to a different center, instead of deleting them, you can now set deactivate them. Simply go to their Profile & click the “Edit Profile” dropdown. Then, select “Deactivate User.”

By the way – We’ve received a veritable ton of feedback & ideas on how to add even more value to tend.ly over the course of the last few weeks from you, our incredible customers. Our team is currently working through the list to both prioritize them and determine which ones will make the biggest impact. Once we whittle down our list, we’ll start development on our next release!

That said, I’d like to make one final call for feedback & ideas before we finalize our list. I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it a million times over: Your feedback and input is critical to us. Understanding the challenges and pain points you face on a daily basis allows us to create a product that brings you exceptional value and, in the end, makes your lives so, so much easier. If you have any ideas whatsoever, feel free to let me know!