Here at, we don’t really enjoy sitting around on our haunches. We’re the kind of team that loves to keep the momentum going. We also love listening to our customers. You’ve spoken. We’ve listened. Coming on the heels of our recent 2016 launch, it’s my pleasure to announce a round of additional new features designed to make your lives easier. All of these are available in your account right now, at no additional cost:

Check Children & Residents in from the People & Group Detail Pages. We’ve added a Check In/Check Out button to both the People & Group Detail pages, as shown below. Now, you can quickly & easily check individuals in from a single page, instead of having to navigate to each profile. Simply click/tap the purple Check In button to check them in and the Check Out button to check them out. Much easier, right?

Filter by Group & User Type on the People page. You and your staff can now filter the list of Users shown on the People page. Simply tap/click the dropdown beneath the Group or Type headings and filter away! I know, I know, after the previous new feature, you thought checking individuals in and out couldn’t get any easier, right?

Filter by Group on the Calendar page. Now, you can filter the events that show up on your calendar based on the Group that they are assigned to. Simply click the dropdown beneath Group and you’re rolling!

Add multiple pictures to a moment. Now, you can add multiple pictures to your moments. Simply tap/click the Choose File button and select a file, then tap/click it again and add another. And another. And another. Awesome.

Access Group Detail pages from an individual’s Profile page. Simply tap/click the Group name in an individual’s Profile page (below their profile picture) and, zing, you’re there.

Precise Timestamps for Moments. We’ve done away with that whole “a few seconds ago…a few moments ago…a few minutes ago…” thing and added a precise timestamp, showing the day, date & time.

That’s it for this release. Stay tuned – We’ll be rolling out additional features over the summer. As always, if you have any feedback regarding things that would make your life even easier, let us know & we’ll get them added to our improvement list.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.