When I sit down and think about the companies that have had the biggest impact on me, it’s clear that those that stand out above the rest do so because they focus on continually bringing me the most value. How do they bring value? It goes beyond simply offering a product or service – the value they bring lies in the fact that they are focused on building a relationship with me, listening to my needs, and responding to them. Simply put, they view me as a partner.

When we started Tend.ly, we made it our mission to build a company that was impactful; a company that built lasting relationships, brought immense value and both listened and responded to its customers, just like the companies I admire most.

I have made it my daily charge to instill that mission within the Tend.ly culture. And, to date, mission accomplished! As you’ve read in my previous emails, we’re in the process of preparing to roll out a litany of new features and updates to Tend.ly. Previously, I discussed the updates to the Administrator Dashboard and Users. This time, I’d like to dig into the changes you’ll see to Moments:

  • You can now request and have moment types created for your organization. You no longer need to use ONLY the moments in the app. We can create new ones for your organization based on your needs. For more details, just ask!
  • You can now quickly and easily add photos and videos to any Moment type.
  • We’ve made it easier to search for and add multiple children, from any class, to a Moment.
  • You can hide Moments your organization does not use.



I can’t wait to share the new version of Tend.ly with you! Remember, it’ll be available in a few short days!

By the way – If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be sending out information on how to get the latest version prior to launch. If you’re interesting in signing up for Tend.ly, or are just interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me at jon@tend.ly. I’d love to chat.