As you know, everything in a child’s life happens at lightning speed. They move, change, grow and mature faster than the blink of an eye. Software is no different. In order to continue to be the best in your industry and constantly bring exceptional value to your partners and customers, it’s imperative that you focus on constant, rapid improvement – growing, maturing and responding to the changing needs of your customers at lighting speed.

At, we focus tirelessly on bringing exceptional value to our customers. The strong relationships we’ve built with you, our customers and partners, allow us to have candid, open conversations about both your specific needs and the needs of the broader market. In turn, these conversations allow us to respond rapidly to those incessantly changing needs in innovative ways.

Case in point, behind the scenes, the team is feverishly preparing to launch a series of significant updates that will be available at the end of February. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new features you can expect to see within the next few weeks:

Administrator Dashboard

  • One application. One Interface. Any Device.
  • Combined Admin & Parent Portals.
  • Flexible At-A-Glance views in the Administrator dashboard.

Admin Dash Updates


Managing Users

  • New Roles.
  • Improved visibility into checked-in users.
  • Addition of Groups.

New Roles



  • Custom Moment types.
  • Ability to add photos & videos to any Moment type.
  • Enhanced user search & add functionality.
  • Ability to display only the Moments that are important to your center.

Moments Updates

The team and I are so thrilled about the upcoming version of our App – We know you’ll love all of the updates. Keep an eye out over the course of the next few weeks for additional details about these new features.

By the way – If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be sending out information on how to get the latest version prior to launch. If you’re interesting in becoming a customer, feel free to reach out to me at I’d love to chat.