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tend.ly enables child and adult care providers to share moments and daily reports with loved ones. tend.ly is a sophisticated solution that simply connects people along their care journey.

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tend.ly is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use way to build better relationships with those in your care and their families. Check out why we're better:

Works on any device

tend.ly can be used on any computer, tablet, or phone (iOS or Android). Use the device that makes sense for your business.

Real-time support

Send text and picture messages of Moments as they happen.

Better reporting

Our analytics show what's happening in your facility and helps you run your business better.

Highly Flexible

Don't see a form you need? Want to add or remove a Moment type? tend.ly is highly flexible to meet your needs.

Making customers raving fans of your care business is easy!

Step One:

Capture Important Moments

- Videos
- Photos
- Sleep
- Incidents
- Medical
- Food
and many more!

Step Two:

Families Get Updates

Families receive emails and text messages in real time or in summary form at the end of the day.

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